The Egg Calculator

I’m trying so hard to get better about eating eggs. I’m a super picky eater and up until lately I would only eat eggs as an ingredient in recipes where it basically disappears (pancakes, cake, waffles, choux pastry) or hard-boiled for deviled eggs.  I’ve just never been a fan of them any other way, but they’re helpful to stretch meals to be more filling.

My roommate has been on a real deviled egg kick lately, so we have a ton of eggs in the house, so I thought I’d try to expand my palate. In order to do that I needed to learn how to cook eggs in other ways. I’ve mastered the sunny side up egg for my roommate (I’m not brave enough to try eating that yet) but I knew there were a ton of other ways to make eggs and I wanted to try them. (Especially poaching because who doesn’t want to cook an egg in a water vortex!?)

Well, I found this site that walks you through a lot of egg cooking information starting with the calculator that asks: What texture do you want your egg white? You can move the slider from runny to hard, and there will be different videos you can watch about each texture. When you find the one you want click Next. Then you’ll select the texture of the yolk, and click Next. The last screen will tell you based on the choices you’ve made at what temperature and how long to cook the egg to get those results.

Beneath the calculator, you’ll find a ton of information on cooking eggs! Go check it out for yourself today!


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