Checking the source of an email

I shared a reader’s story of how they busted a phishing scheme recently and included a screenshot they shared of how they were able to check where the email was really coming from. Another reader asked how they were able to expand the information to check out the real source.

Here’s how it works:

To be clear, you don’t need to hack an account or have any access to it in order to spoof it. You just need to know the email address, the name of the person, or the phone number. A spoofer could send an email that says it’s from the IRS, Microsoft, your bank, or even your own email address.  Here’s how to check where that email is really coming from. I’ll show you using some popular services, but the technique is pretty similar from email to email.  If you’re using Outlook online, click the three-dot iconar next to the Forward and Reply buttons in the message and choose View from the menu. Then click on View message source.

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