5 new ways to use Google Wallet

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We’ve been discussing how to use Google Wallet, an app that lets you carry credit cards, debit cars, membership cards, loyalty cards, and more on your smartphone.

Now, Google has announced five new features that makes the app even handier to use. You’ll be able to save any pass that contains a barcode or QR code to your wallet simply by taking a picture. Think of that gym pass on your key ring

The company says you’ll also be able to securely save health insurance cards, vaccination records, and other private information. This type of information will require you to verify your identity with a fingerprint before accessing.

Google is even working with states to allow you save your driver’s license or state ID.

Save a pass from a message. You’ll soon be able to quickly save things like boarding passes when they are sent to you via text or email. One tap and they’ll head directly into your wallet.

Google says many companies will now allow employees to save their company IDs to their Google Wallets and you can even add your transit pass for many metropolitan areas.

According to a statement from Google, “Since launch, we’ve rolled out Google Wallet across new devices and in more than 20 additional markets, bringing our global total to over 60, with more coming in the next few weeks. The convenience and security we’ve built into the Wallet experience is making it easier to go about our daily lives, and our goal is to bring this experience to as many people around the world as possible.

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  1. I don’t have an Android smartphone, or any smartphone. I despise Google. I don’t trust Google. I don’t have a Google account, and don’t plan to. I do not have any credit card information stored in any browser or anywhere on my computer(s).

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