Don’t Fall For AI Lies

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You know the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Well, seeing really isn’t believing these days thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence. Take this post, which was shared all over Facebook. It claims Target has some kind of demonic children’s wear section.

And here’s the photographic proof right? You can clearly see that this is real.

Except that it is 100% fake. It was created with Artificial Intelligence and a bit of photoshopping and the guy who creates it admitted he did it.

Sometimes people create stuff like this for the hell of it, so to speak, and sometimes they do it to show just how gullible everyone is. What stunned me, is that several highly intelligent people I know. ( I mean they have master’s degrees) fell for it and shared it.

To me this is more frightening than Satan in the kiddie wear department. What is truly terrifying is that it doesn’t take a lot of work to make these image. For example, the image below looks pretty real.

It’s not real at all. It was created by someone typing the following words into a program called Midjourney: “Scarlett Johansen performing a dance, nyasa dance philippines, the people, df.adt, in tiara made with red feathers, dark gray and light crimson, tooth wu, kushan empire, troubadour style, tachist, light red and dark indigo, full body shot, smiling at camera, photo realistic rendering, hyper detail,”

Want to create a store? It’s as easy as this:

I thought about dozens of example of things I could create to prove it. I could put politicians in compromising positions or create stores with disturbing products out of thin air. But, I’m actually afraid someone would grab them and use them to continue speaking falsehoods.

Just be aware that people are making stuff up and distributing it and I highly suspect that a lot of it is done by nation-states with an ax to grind. Be smarter than that. Be better than that.

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