Apple Shuts Down My Photo Stream – How to save your photos


Apple will shut down its My Photo Stream Service for good on July 26. The service allowed you to With access recent photos that you took with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or that you uploaded from your Mac or PC.

This feature made it easy to access photos across multiple devices. Uploads from devices to My Photo Stream stopped on June 26, but Photo Stream will be available until July 26.

Since the photos are stored on at least one of your Apple devices, you don’t lost any photos as long as you have them stored on the original device. However, if you want those photos saved on a particular tablet, phone, or computer, you will need to save that photo library to that device.

If you’re using an iPhone, iPod, or iPad:

  1. Open Photos and tap Albums.
  2. Tap My Photo Stream > Select. 
  3. Tap the photos that you want to save, then tap the Share button  > Save Image.

On an Apple computer:

  1. Open the Photos app, then open the My Photo Stream album. 
  2. Select any photos you want to save that aren’t currently in your photo library.
  3. Drag them from the My Photo Stream album to your Library. 

Apple recommends users set up iCloud photos on all their Apple devices to enable easing sharing of photos.

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  1. when I tap :albums” on my iPhone, I don’t see the stream option. what am I doing wrong.

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