Clipchamp – Windows 11’s video editor

Windows 11 has a pretty versatile video editor called Clipchamp. Let’s check it out. To open, type Microsoft Clipchamp in the search box and click on the results.

The first time you open the app, you’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account, Google, or an email address. The app then opens to this screen.

This app is free, but there is an option to upgrade for access to stock videos, images, and templates. But that’s completely options and not even something most home users would need.

There are a variety of templates available to get you started.

You can also record video using your device using the app. Choose either the screen or the camera.

Let’s start by choosing a Holiday template.

Choose from a variety of options ranging from Christmas to having a sale.

When you choose a template, you can see the aspect ratio and the length. Choose Use this template to get started.

Here’s what the editing timeline looks like when it opens.

The images, video, and sound that already populate the timeline of this template are displayed in the project bin on the left.

To add your own material to the bin, just click the big + sign.

Then drag or drop or choose your won images, video, and sounds. Add from your computer, cloud storage, or transfer from your phone.

In this template, I can click on the pre-placed text to change it.
This text box opens and allows me to change the words, font, and even the alignment. If you pay for the premium version of this app, you can upload your own fonts.

As you type into the box, the text updates in the video.

Drag and drop your own media to replace things in the timeline.
Or add to an additional layer so it displays on top. Because this app considers adding an additional layer on the template Premium feature, the video will be watermarked unless I choose to upgrade. Pretty cheap of Microsoft to make a basic feature extra. I say include your own built in functional editor or don’t. Why play games?

A better option is probably to build your own video. Click on Create a video at the top.

Add your own audio and video by clicking the + button on the side and experiment by putting your video together in the timeline.

When you’re satisfied with your video, click the Export button.

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