Lawsuits seek to fight AI

code projected over woman

A series of recently filed lawsuits aim to fight back against artificial intelligence scraping existing written works and works of art for input and punish programs like Chap GP for giving the wrong information.

Three artists filed suit in California suit against the developers behind Stable Diffusion employed by MidJourney saying that they illegally scraped the stock photo service’s content. Getty Images, a stock photo company, filed a similar lawsuit in the UK. They claim scraping (pulling information from a website and compiling it) violates copyrights and costs actual artists and photographers work.

A lawyer for the artists called AI a “prasite” that causes “irreparable harm to artists now and in the future.”

Comedian Sarah Silverman filed suit after she says Open AI used her body of work to train its chatbot.

Plus, the FTC is looking into whether Chat GP made false and damaging statements against individuals.

It’s unlikely any of these lawsuit are going to stop the emergence of AI, but they could have some effect on whether or not companies must pay some type of residual for using data (it’s not likely to be much).

Right now, it’s hard to know what any of this will mean for the future of AI, but it’s certainly something we should all keep an eye on.

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