Amazon Offers Virtual Healthcare in all 50 States

crop unrecognizable male doctor with stethoscope

Over the years, Amazon has expanded from selling books and other items to providing groceries, a music service, a home assistant, video services, and two-day shipping for almost everything. Now, the company is entering the medical field, offering pharmacy services and tele-health visits in all 50 states.

With Amazon Clinic, patients can consult online with medical professionals for 30 common health conditions.

According to the company, “In addition to message-based consultations in 34 states, Amazon Clinic now supports video visits nationwide. Amazon Clinic offers customers 24/7 access to clinicians directly through and the Amazon mobile app.”

To get treatment, customers can go to the Amazon Clinic website at or open the Clinic app on their mobile devices.

Users can then select their problem from a menu:

The app will explain if you’re eligible for treatment and then walk you through finding a clinic.

The service is intended for adults 18 to 64, but there is a hitch now. The clinics don’t accept health insurance yet, instead, they charge a flat fee. According to Amazon, messaging based treatments usually run $35 and video conferences $75.

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