Ninite – the free download you need

I’ve highlighted Ninite before, but this great, FREE service is always worthy of another shoutout.  Not only does Ninite find the absolute best free programs for your PC, it will also keep them up-to-date for you.

It’s an absolute must if you’re getting a new PC, it can save you tons and tons of time. It’s also a fantastic way to find some great free stuff you’ve been missing out on. And because Ninite is a legitimate, well-respected service, it can protect you from some of those sketchy free downloads that come piggy-backed with malware. It works for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10!  It also works with XP or Vista, but I know that if you have those unsupported systems, you won’t be going online.  Right?

Once you go to,  it’s easy to find great free apps for your computer.  Just pick the apps you want from the home screen.

They are conveniently divided into categories like Web Browers, Document Creation, Messaging, Security, Image editors, and more. You’ll want to check out options like Zoom conferencing software and Thunderbird email.

I could select LibreOffice and PDF Creator for my office needs, Malwarebytes and AVAST for security, Thunderbird for sending and receiving emails, and GIMP for image editing by just ticking the boxes next to the name.

Then click on Get Your Ninite to download and run the custom installer/updater for those programs.


Go to your downloads folder and run the installer.  Ninite will install all the apps in their default location. It will also say no to any added toolbars or piggybacking programs. These downloads will come from each app’s official publisher.   The service is free to use for individuals, but businesses and organizations are asked to purchase Ninite Pro.

Download it for free today, by clicking here. 

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