Comparing Search Engines

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Which search engine delivers the best results? Let’s put them to the test. To ensure fair results, I’m searching in incognito or private mode to make sure my previous activities don’t influence the results. Let’s start with the most popular browser, Google. Google is so popular that the word ‘Google’ has become synonymous with searching for something.

Let’s start by searching for me in Chrome! That seems accurate enough.

Bing leads with used copies of my books for sale, skips over my news work, but does show my website. However, there’s no bio to indicate who I am.

DuckDuckGo also offers the same basic results and skips my news work and doesn’t say much about my novels.

The Brave Search results are fairly close to DuckDuckGo.

All in all, nothing inaccurate but I will say that Google’s results do seem to give a fuller picture of what’s happening currently including show three news articles that were published just hours before I wrote this tip.

Let’s look for a coffee shop in Toledo. Here’s the results from DuckDuckGo –

Here are the Brave Browser results –

Followed by Bing, I like the slider with ratings across the top.

Finally, here’s what Google came up with.

All in all, the results weren’t that different. What have your search experiences been like?

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