Why is my phone audio low?

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A reader would like some help turning up the volume on their smartphone:

The reason for this note is a cry for help. My wife and I are “old folks” (over 78) and have a cell phone that we use for emergencies while on the road. When we travel, we can barely hear the phone volume, even though it is maxed out. My question: do you know of a reliable App that will increase the phone sound volume? The phone is a TCLA3 Android OS11. No sense in having the phone if you cannot easily hear it. Many thanks for any time you spend on this.”

Before installing an app, let’s make sure the problem isn’t as simple as some dust in your speaker.  They are usually located on  the bottom edge of the phone. Blow out with canned air or your breath, and maybe try cleaning with a Q-tip with the slightest bit of denatured alcohol dampening the tip.

If that doesn’t do the job, look into the settings of your Android phone. Since all models of Android are a bit different, what you’ll want to look for under settings is Sounds and vibration.

Then tap on volume

Try turning up the system and media volume to see if that helps.

If that doesn’t help, let me know and we’ll look into some apps that can help.

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