Help! My Recycle Bin is corrupted!

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A reader is having an issue with her recycle bin:

I was on my computer earlier and it was just fine, now when I open it there’s a box that says ” your recycling bin on the c:/ drive is corrupted. Do you want to empty it? And there’s a yes box and a no box. Neither works. I can’t get any other screen no matter what I do. Control-alt-delete once does nothing, twice shuts the computer off, but when I turn it back on, the box is still there. Did I get malware? I’m always so careful, but I know they’re sneaky! I have Kaspersky for security and haven’t had any problems since I got it. Help!

Don’t panic. This should be a fairly easy fix. It doesn’t mean you have malware, but there could be a corrupt file causing an issue.

Try this fix:

Type cmd in Windows Start Search Box

Right Click on Cmd > Run As Administrator

Type the line below:
rd /s /q E:\$Recycle.bin

Then hit Enter

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