Warning – these hard drives are failing!

hard external disk

A warning about some popular external hard drives. There have been multiple reports of external SSD made by Western Digital and SanDisk failing and losing data.

The manufacturer issued a firmware update but the problems have persisted for some users. Now, there’s been a class action lawsuit filed claiming that the company knew there was a problem but continued to mislead consumers and sell defective devices at deep discounts.

Here’s a list of affected models:

  • SanDisk Extreme Portable 4TB (SDSSDE61-4T00)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable 4TB (SDSSDE81-4T00)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 2TB (SDSSDE81-2T00)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB (SDSSDE81-1T00)
  • WD My Passport 4TB (WDBAGF0040BGY)

You can also go to Western Digital’s Firmware update page and enter the serial number of your drive to see if it’s affected. Click here to check that out.

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