How Can I Transfer Files From my Phone

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A reader wants some help getting photos off her flip phone and onto her PC.

Among all your great tips, do you perhaps have a simple one that has plagued me? From time to time I have to take a picture and then somehow transfer that picture to my computer screen, but I don’t know how. I have an Analogue phone with camera and an HP All-in-One desk computer running Windows 10. I know this is probably way too simple for most of your readers, but it’s a big problem for me. If you have any such tip hidden away in your Archives, I would be very grateful.”

This should be super-simple to execute. You should have a charging cable for your phone with a USB connector on one end that goes into the plug. Take it out of the plug and plug it into your PC.

Your phone should connect to your PC like a flash drive and just pop up. Transfer your images from the phone just like you’d drag and drop images from a flash drive.

(*note – I asked the reader to let me know if this tip worked and she replied “You are brilliant.  I did it just like you said and the pictures transferred to my computer.  I’ve had people tell me all about changing a jpeg to something else, and all kinds of convoluted things, which I didn’t understand. 

In Junior High School, we had Hans Bethe come to our science class — he worked on the Manhattan project that made the atomic bomb, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.  He explained how the sun works to us 7th Graders and we understood it.  My Mom told me that it takes someone with a remarkable intellect to understand something complex so well that he can explain it simply.  Like you.  That’s all I needed to know.

I’m not so sure I’m that brilliant, but I am good at cutting to the chase. Glad this tip worked for you.

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