Watch out! New iPhones are overheating

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Bad news for folks who rushed out to buy the new iPhone 15. There have been reports of frustration among iPhone users due to the latest release from Apple. A number of users have experienced overheating issues with their phones, to the point where the devices are getting too hot to touch.

Additionally, some users have even reported their phones shutting down completely due to overheating.

Some experts believe the problem could be related to the phone’s powerful processor and battery or the phone’s ultra thin design. Apple, on the other hand, says it has to do with software issues that cause certain apps, like Instagram to run super-hot. Updates have been rolled out to some apps.

Apple plans to update the phone’s operating system to further control the issue, however, they promise it won’t slow down the speed of the phone.

For those who are experiencing these issues with their iPhone, it is strongly recommended that they bring their device to an Apple store or authorized repair center for assistance. 

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