45 Years of Fresh Air

If you’ve enjoyed listening to Terry Gross’ NPR interview program Fresh Air (or even if you’ve never had the pleasure), you’ll really want to check out this free online archive of 45 years worth of programming.

There are 22,000 interviews archived for your listening pleasure.  At the top of the home page, you can choose to sort the interviews by Collections, Guests, or Topics.


Under Collections, you’ll see choices like Saturday Night Live, Jazz Musicians, or Food for Thought. Scroll down for even more topics ranging from Hip-Hop, to politics to medicine to sports. Topics range from Animals to Cooking to Crime.


At the top right, you can click the three-line menu icon.


To add an interview to a queue or playlist, just click the plus sign next to any interview that looks interesting.


To view your queue, click the playlist icon at the bottom right of the screen.


Choose to start playing your queue or to generate a playlist that you can share on social media.


Click here to check it out: https://freshairarchive.org/

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