Changing Fonts In Open Office

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A reader wants to change the default font in Open Office:

“I’ve googled several times now how to make a certain font my default in Open Office.  Directions I’ve gotten often list names that aren’t even there, but I went through what I thought I needed to do, and time and again, when I want to type a document/letter, it reverts back to the old font.  How do I make it stick to the font I want?”

If by names that aren’t there, you mean fonts, that’s because the options vary according to what fonts you have installed on your computer. If you mean the directions don’t quite match the look of Open Office, it’s probably because they are for a different version than what you’re using.

Here’s how I did it on my version of Open Office.

OpenOffice Writer usually has a simpler interface than Microsoft Office. However, when it comes to changing your default fonts, it’s actually a bit more complicated. Let’s look at how it’s done.

First, create a new document.

Then, click the formatting icon in the upper-left corner or hit the F11 key.

When the Format menu opens, select Default.

Then right-click and choose Modify.

Click the Font tab at the top.

Choose a new font, style, or size. Then click on OK.

If you’re seeing something different, grab a screenshot and I’ll try to figure out what’s happening.

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  1. Cyn, how do you do this in LibreOffice? I changed my font but could not change my font size. I’m up to date with both Windows 11 Home Edition and LibreOffice. THANKS for all your help!

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