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Welcome to Oola! This site is designed to inspire your inner foodie!

I found this while looking for Thanksgiving recipes.

When you arrive that the site you’ll find a ton of featured content right on the main page. In addition you’ll also find links to the latest articles and blog posts just waiting to lure you in!

Along the top of the page you’ll find the navigation options for Cooking by Meals, Cooking School, Food News, Lifestyle Eating, Seasonal, and Weeknight Chef.

One of my favorite articles was 12 Disgusting Foods your Grandparents Loved┬ásome of it was really weird (Perfection Salad, anyone?) and some of it made me think “Really?” or “Why is that even on the list?” Looking at you Scotch Eggs.

I also enjoyed that was a Christmas Cookie article geared toward vegans! It’s so hard to find good recipes for yummy treats in my experience, and it’s nice to include something that my vegan friends can eat when we get together.

Anyway, ago check out their delicious food inspirations and pick up some cooking tips today!



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