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Remember when Cortana was going to be the next big thing? Microsoft promised you an indispensable personal assistant, but Cortant soon got left in the dust by other virtual helpers like Siri and Alexa. Now the company says its AI-Powered Copilot is the next big thing.

According to the company, “Copilot will uniquely incorporate the context and intelligence of the web, your work data and what you are doing in the moment on your PC to provide better assistance – with your privacy and security at the forefront. It will be a simple and seamless experience.”

I decided to give co-pilot a try, since the preview is available on my version of Windows 11. I clicked on the Preview icon next to search.

When Copilot opens you can choose between a creative or precise conversation style or go for the middle ground and choose More Balanced.

From there you can type or click the microphone icon to speak.

For example, I can ask it to open a program then confirm I want to open it. This seems very Cortana-like, but a bit more complicated.

You can also ask co-pilot questions.

I got a fairly thorough response.

I can also ask it to create a chart.

Here I’ve asked it to create a picture.

I’ll add some more details.

Here’s the result.

Give it a try and see what you discover.

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