Can I Share Hard Drives?

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A reader has a question about hard drives: 

“My wife bought me  a paperback book-sized Windows 11 Computer, is there any way I can connect my Windows 10 terabyte HD computer to it so I can use the HD to store and return data as the Win 11 computer has a 256 SS HD.”

Great question. If you’re actively still using the computer with a larger hard drive you really can’t use it as just a drive.  If you’re not, you could have someone remove the drive, put it in a case, and repurpose it. Or you could create a home network connected to a shared drive. However, it would be much less expensive to just buy a big external hard drive.  You can get a 10 TB external drive for between $150 and $200.  

Now, if you want to share the data between the devices, you could either just plug the external drive into either one of them as needed. You can also purchase what’s sometimes called a “home cloud” device starting around $200, but you’ll get more storage space for less using the external drive.

Depending on the size of the file you want to share, your best bet might be just to use cloud storage like OneDrive or Google Drive. The 1 TB of storage I get with my Microsoft 365 allows me to share files between any computer, tablet, or phone.

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