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I have a hard time eating left over food. It’s usually just a matter of not knowing how to reinvent it into another meal. But with this Web site, I don’t have to rack my brain trying to think of something. I can just put my ingredients into this wizard and let it do its thing!

It’s really easy to use! All you have to do is select the ingredients and click on the What Can I Make? button. You can search with one to three ingredients. If your search comes up with no results, try to broaden it by dropping an ingredient.

I put in spaghetti sauce and cheddar cheese and the wizard came up with 42 recipes. From that search, I found a crock pot pizza recipe I’m dying to try. It looks and sounds delicious!

Two great sections on the site are Flavor Combinations and What’s Fresh Now!

Flavor Combinations gives you a list of the hottest flavor combos you can try searching for. Some of my favorites are listed, such as garlic, lemon and chicken. A few more favorites are soy sauce, orange juice and ginger. This section gives you great inspiration.

What’s Fresh Now gives you a listing of what’s in season right now. It allows you to plan your meals around those fresh ingredients. You can even change the month and pre-plan your meals. For example, switch the month to November and you’ll see what will be fresh for Thanksgiving.

Now that I have some ideas for my left over chicken, I think I’ll go get started on dinner. Go try something new and exciting with your leftovers today!


~ Amanda

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