Why This Facebook Post is a Fraud

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A friend of mine shared this post to alert her friends that it was a big old fake and I thought I would share it with you as well. It claims that if you type the @ symbol in the comments and click to highlight, you’ll see who’s always checking your profile.

In reality, you’ll see a list of people that you interact with frequently. It has absolutely nothing to do with who checks your profile. There is no way to see who is looking at your Facebook profile. Facebook makes that clear in its terms of service and any third-party app that claims otherwise is lying. In fact, that app is just looking to harvest your information.

The people behind the post want you to share your contacts so they have a list of them. That’s one way scammers harvest names to create fake accounts. Stop falling for it!

Anyone who claims they can show you who is looking at your Facebook profile is flat-out lying.

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