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  1. Thanks for that info, Cyn. I’m saving that in case I find myself needing a form. Tell me now, who do you recommend for subscribing to a music service? Amazon? That’s my favorite go-to place but I might be missing out on another just as good and maybe cheaper.

  2. I don’t use any password storage service such as Bitwarden. I have all of them in an alphabetical booklet totaling some 100 to 150 different passwords. I keep it near my computer, which I know is not smart. Any suggestions for password storage, other than a “cloud vault” ? ( I am old, and technically challenged)

  3. Cyn: If a computer won’t support upgrade to win 11 Could you change the CPU chip or will it require a newer model more powerful system?

  4. I’ve been meaning to respond for a while: I really like your new format and fonts, Cyn. That is a good choice; it makes me think straightforward, down-to-business but not mired in the business. You do good work! John

  5. Is it 2021 or 2011? There’s a typo in one place or the other. And since chip manufacturers have issued security updates to resolve the flaw, would that not be included in the regular security updates sent to devices?

  6. I didn’t know you could do this. I do a lot of word documents with pictures in the back ground. I always put the picture in PhotoShop and reduce the transparency to around 15 to 20 percent and then put it in my Word document and go to Picture Format > Text Wrap and set it to ‘Behind text’ where I can adjust the size and place it exactly where I want it. Thanks for the info on another way to do it.

  7. Thank you for NOT answering the question. I STILL need to Defrag. Next time just answer the damned question.

    1. Defragging a chromebook hard drive won’t do you any good. That’s not how they are designed. What’s the issue you’re experiencing that makes you think it needs a defrag?

  8. Kudos for realizing that keeping a notebook full of passwords is a single point of failure – if it’s lost, destroyed or stolen, you would have to start everything over. While the password card is an option, it’s still a piece of paper that must be safeguarded.

    My Darling Bride and I have used for years: it’s an online “vault” in which we can keep all our usernames, passwords, payment cards and other secure items like notes. It can generate, and store, unique and complex passwords for every site and it’s all accessible via a single master password that you create.

    As long as you keep your master password secure, all your passwords are safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer, phone, tablet, etc. We can set up our own vaults, and we also share a common vault for the items we both use.

  9. Cyn, Got burned a week ago in spite of myself. I got a Free gift from Ace Hardware just for completing a survey for them. I am currently an Ace Rewards member and get adv. from Ace online so I thought nothing of it. Then the Clincher For $6.99 postage and handleing I could choose from several “Free Gits.”. Sucker I bit. Two weeks later my “AGift ” arrived and 3 days later my bank balance went down the proverbial RAT Hole to the tume of$177.99 plus $6.99 postage and handling. I talked to the wife in case she ordered and forgot to tell me. She did not. I then called the phone number to inquire who authorized a transaction of that amount, I was shocked that it was for my free gift from Ace Rewards ! Only catch it wasn’t from Ace Rewards but from PRIMENATURALWELLNESSCL 866-4226136 GA. My free gift wasn’t free it was $117.99. This is not even the correct name of the company the name belongs to a medical office in Lafayette, MS. . Of Course they do not accept returns nor do they give refunds!!! So moral if you are offered a gift for completing a survey of a business you deal with DON’T Take it!!!!!!!!! Once bit thrice shy. I beat it to the bank and requested a dispute for fraudulent charges. I am waiting for reimbursement, and tomorrow will file a complaint with the FEds. George Birth

  10. I’m confused about the perceived difficulty of updating a router. I’m on my (at least) 3rd or 4th model. All of them have been essentially the same in that regard. You do need to know how to “talk to” (log in) to the router, but this should be in your “quick set up” instructions. And, you should have done it before, first thing you plugged it in, to change the administrator’s password, maybe change the SSID, and set whatever other security you want. Doesn’t require a geek. Log in to the router. Look for the link that says “update firmware.” For my current router, it’s in the upper right corner of the screen, but it could be under “about,” or “settings,” or whatever. Click the link and the rest will take care of itself: “Checking for updates.” “Downloading updates.” “Installing updates.” Or maybe, “No updates. You are up to date.” You will not have any (other) Internet access while the router is playing with itself. 🤠

  11. I do have MS Office (not a subscription, a desktop version because I am not a cloud fan) because it’s professionally kind of universal. However, I also have LibreOffice, which I use on my laptop, and I have also downloaded it to desktops and laptops for family and friends who sometimes need an office suite but don’t need MS Office or maybe don’t have much by way of software budgets. I have found that documents and spreadsheets transfer seamlessly between MSOffice and LibreOffice. I do have some cloud storage, but I don’t use OneDrive. (Actually, I hate MS.) However, most documents, unless huge, can be transferred between computers just by emailing them as attachments.