The simple way to learn Windows 10.  Step-by-step instructions and helpful full-color illustrations show you how to do everything you need in this new operating system. Have someone constantly asking you for PC help? Get them this digital guide.


Just when you get used to Windows, Microsoft goes and changes everything again! And most how-to guides are just too darn long and complicated. You don’t want an advanced degree in Microsoftology, you just want to know how to send an email, get online, or find out where all of your programs disappeared to!

This is the guide for you. An easily clickable table of contents takes you right where you need to go.  Learn how to:

  • Find a program or file
  • How to turn the PC off and on
  • Change your settings
  • Change the Start Menu
  • Use search & Cortana
  • Customize the Desktop, Taskbar, & Lockscreen
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Surf the web
  • Read & send email
  • Write & read documents
  • Use the Windows Store
  • Play games
  • Get updates
  • Open and edit photos
  • Make old programs work
  • Use Settings & Control Panel
  • Understand the Action Center
  • Connect to WiFi
  • Adjust the sound
  • Set the clock and calendar
  • Secure your PC
  • Plus bonus tips and a breakdown of the Anniversary Update Changes.