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  1. This day you told how to clear the cache in Safari but it might be helpful if your response included how to do this in the other browsers also. Probably the methods are similar but slightly different. I use Firefox but have never known how to clear the cache. My system is
    10/64. Thank you.

  2. We sure are strange as humans!! lol. I had a hard time breaking away from IE because that is all I knew. Towards the end of many people using IE I would always hear different tech comments about it not being very good. So then Chrome came out. When I start anything new. I take learning how to navigate on it seriously. I dig in and start exploring how things work. So I got attached to Chrome at that time. The tech in our area kept telling me that Chrome wasn’t good to use because of security flaws and their browser updates. So then I decided to go ahead and try Edge. By that time of course I was also switched from WIN 7 to 10. At least I am good at navigating and understand how 2 bowsers work. I have to say until Edge shows its “new self” Chrome I think is faster. Things load faster. And sometimes there are websites that won’t function with Edge. With that being said, I think it would be good to say, its good to have more than 1 browser for that reason. ? Anyway, thank you Cyn for all of your help and since today is Christmas I hope you have a blessed day.

  3. Edge has been convenient and fast, but it saves too much trash. It takes CCleaner a long time to dump all the stuff Edge thinks we might want to look at again. I hope the new version changes that operational method.

  4. The most common example of the two step authentication is Email accounts. Yahoo likes to do that as a type of security check up. It first started by the need of another email account where that magical code could be found, copied from the other email account and entered where you are signing in. I don’t remember it including cell phone in the beginning . That is newer. I have asked this question before; Is a person locked out forever if you don’t have a cell phone. (don’t want one) ? They don’t make it sound like there is any choice in yahoo. Except to tell them later. My email settings have that option to mark that choice accordingly. I have that authentication for both email accounts marked no, just to use the other email. So I guess a person has to get a cell phone eventually? We have Ooma internet phone service. And it’s great!

  5. Cyn, is the information you sent in the 12-20 Tech Tips about Microsoft offering security and bug support still valid? Just wanted to be sure you hadn’t gotten anything negative about it. (I have Windows 7 Pro) Thank you!

  6. Can’t complete setting up the program. OK through “Availability” but I get no e-mail with steps to set up service, ie. registration form etc.

  7. CYN, just a question: if one was using a standard user account rather than an administrator account (which seems to be the default account for Windows 10), would that prevent this hack from succeeding? THANKS AGAIN for all your good reporting and training!

    1. Nothing will be able to provide protection from new threats because they won’t have the necessary information from Microsoft to fix them. It can provide some protection against known issues.

  8. As usual; Thank you Thank you! One thing about using a computer, you discover that you turn into a curious investigator. You discover things, which is part of learning. I love word pad. When I type a recipe I love the time and date feature. A great personal option to take advantage of. Also I like it so much I start out at the beginning of personalizing my computer and go to start menu and find word pad there and R click on the program icon and get the “to do” message pop up at the side. You can pin it to the task bar to make it convenient to use.

  9. Good morning, Cyn.
    Outlook on my PC occasionally sends incoming emails from folks on my Safe Senders list (like my wife) directly to the Deleted Items folder. Why is this happening?
    Your fan,

  10. I would suggest that you DO check your junk email folder at least once a week. I cannot tell you how many times I have found emails that should not be there in it. Many of which were/are important. So you should check it and then just delete forever those that you do not want to keep. Only takes a second or two.

  11. I have been using Thunderbird for about 10 years. It’s simple, versatile, easy to use.especially compared to gmail or yahoo

  12. I am using Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 with no problem what-so-ever. Had it in Windows 7, changed the same computer over to Windows 10 and didn’t lose anything.

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  14. When I click on View in Word, Focus does not show up. I have Immersive Reader, Page Movement, Show, Zoom, Windows, Macros, Property.

  15. Hi Cyn, I have an earlier version of TBird that I’ve used for years, I downloaded the new version last week but it doesn’t integrate the folders etc that I have set up in the old version. I don’t want to loose as that data. Is there a way to move it from the old program to the new and still in tact?

  16. I did this Windows update. 15 hours later, it had been stuck at 90% for 12 hours!! I googled the problem, and indeed many people reported the same problem.
    Not a good update, or poorly designed, or not tested!……..

    1. It took mine forever to load, but it finally did. I would guess it’s probably tied to the haste at which they rushed it out. Hopefully they’ll take care of the issue soon.

  17. Thank you, Cyn, for that excellent explanation of circling something in a jpg. I use Paint for adding type to a jpg, but that was the extent of my Paint know-how. Now I’ve learned yet another useful trick from you – thanks!