Why do I have to scroll from left to right on many of the web sites I visit? Even with my browser maximized on my 17″ monitor, I’m still scrolling! Any Ideas?

This could be the result of a couple problems. The most likely problem is that your screen resolution is set too low. It’s probably at 800×600 and most sites are designed with the assumption you’re using a resolution of 1024×768 (the current standard).

To check, change your monitor resolution in Windows XP. Right-click your desktop and select Properties. Next, click the Settings tab. You’ll see a little slider gizmo that goes left to right. Make sure it’s set to 1024×768 or higher (the higher you go, the smaller an item will appear on your screen, so don’t go too far).

If you’re using Windows Vista, right click on your desktop and click Personalize. All the way at the bottom you’ll see Display Settings. Same results; just different path to get there!
Here’s a sample shot (note that my resolution is set really high—this is because the wide screen LCD on my system looks best at that particular resolution. Most regular monitors wouldn’t look that hot or wouldn’t be able to display 1440x 900, so don’t feel that you have to set yours to match mine).


Click OK. You may need to re-start your system.

The other possibility is that the site you’re looking at is poorly designed. Most sites are designed for an 1024×768 resolution and are set at 900 pixels wide to allow for the sides of the browser window.

Hope that helps!

~ Andrew