Drag, Drop, And Save Those Web Pics!

Ever stumble upon a really cool picture while you’re surfing? You know, the kind you’re just itchin’ to share with anyone who’ll look? Maybe it’s a picture of a cute little puppy hanging off a couch, maybe it’s a funny kid with pie all over his face, maybe it’s your Aunt Edna in her swimsuit—OK, maybe not.

In any case, saving that digital snippet can be a bit of a pain. First, you right-click, then you have to select “Save Picture As” from the menu, and then you have to pick a folder and save it, blah, blah, blah…

All right, granted if that’s the worst thing that happens to you all day you’re living a pretty good life. But still…

Here’s what I do when I want to just snag a picture fast—I drag & drop it to my desktop . Just left-click the picture, keep your mouse button down, then plop it onto your desktop. So easy it should be illegal. Of course, if your browser is maximized and you can’t see your desktop this isn’t gonna work.

However, there is a hidden danger within this tip you need to be aware of (alright, it’s not really a “danger” but you know how dramatic I get sometimes). If you drag and drop a photo that’s linked to a web page, you’ll end up with a shortcut to that link instead of a picture on your desktop.

Just think—after you have that little photo on your desktop, you can create a new e-mail message, drag and drop the photo to it, and send it off to everyone you know. Isn’t the internet great?

~ Steve