Filmstrip View in XP

Filmstrip View in XP

When Windows ME came on the scene it featured a cool folder view called ” Thumbnail View ” that displays all images as little thumbnails to make them easier to manage. Win XP expanded this feature, allowing us to add a picture to a file folder icon in thumbnail view ( see archive for 7/31/03 ). In addition, XP has another view mode for pictures called ” Filmstrip View “.

In the My Pictures folder, and its subfolders, you can see a “filmstrip” of images that scroll from left to right at the bottom of the window. In the upper part of the window is a preview pane where the image can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise.


The thumbnails in the filmstrip work just like they do in thumbnail view. This saves having to open an image file in Picture viewer or some other imaging software to see a larger version of it. In addition, you can drag the corner of the window to make it bigger (or click the “Maximize” button)—the larger you make this window, the bigger the picture in the preview pane.

Yet another little treat from Uncle Bill.

~ David

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