Working offline

I would like to cut down the amount of time my computer is online. Is there a way to use the internet without being connected.

Personally, I don’t like clogging up hard drive space with Internet Explorer temporary internet files, but they do have their purpose. First, by having the images in your cache , frequently visited pages load quicker. Second, those of you without unlimited web access can view pages offline by following these steps:

Just go to the page you want, wait for all the images to appear, then skim through and click any links from that page you might want to follow. While connected, “speed browse” any other pages you might want to look at.

Leave your browser open and hang up by right-clicking the internet connection icon in your system tray (it looks like two monitors) and choosing “disable” (or “close connection”).


Right-click the “Back” button in your browser and select the bottom page on the list. It might ask you if you want to view that page offline—if so, click Yes .


Now you can leisurely read through the pages you saved without wasting your limited online time. Just use the “Forward” button to go on to the next page.

Another option is to click the ” History ” button to see all the sites you visited and select the pages you want from there.

This method can be used with most browsers.

~ David

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