Australian Wildlife

Australian Wildlife

This is a great wildlife site. It is rather specific to Australian Wildlife but that’s kind of cool because there are animals in Australia that we need to devote more time and attention to studying. Quite simply because they only live in Australia, so why don’t we check them out today. You’ll find a lot of animal information to gather.

In the “Featured Section” you will find a list of links that take you to a section devoted to each individual animal listed, or in the case of marsupials there section devoted to them as a group. I suggest checking them all out but if only one name strikes your fancy then by all means check only that animal out. I particularly enjoyed the Rainbow Lorikeet. It went over their species and genus, diet and coloration, and pertinent information.

For “Short Notes” you click the link on the words “Short Notes” and are whisked away to section that has a listing of all these animals specifics. (Note the animals in this section are listed in regular type below the link Short Notes so you can know at a glance if you want to learn about any of the animals residing there.)

“Science Reports” is a section devoted to Australian Wildlife in scientific news.

So head down under and learn about these unique animals.

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