The International Surfing Museum

The International Surfing Museum

I remember growing up watching beach movies, and in a them had surfing, of course. Well, here is a museum dedicated to surfing. This site is really cool. You can find out about surf legends, check out memorabilia, stroll down the walk of fame, and that’s only a handful of all the neat things to do here.

Starting with the “Legends” section you’ll start to learn all about professional surfing as a sport. Corky Carroll is deemed the original pioneer of professional surfing, check out his cool surf board in the pictures on this page.

If you dive into “Exhibits” you will find special exhibits on surfing, skateboarding, skin diving, and rendezvous ballroom reunions. They are all pretty nifty and have photos to boot.

The current Exhibition on the main page is George Greenough—you can learn all about his surfing and check out the listing of his movies such as, “The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun”, “Dolphin Dive”, and a couple more.

A site definitely worth surfing over to.

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