How to Clean Anything

How to Clean Anything

This is a site full of helpful and free cleaning tips. From the Inside/Outside of the House, Pets, and Cars—you’ll find it here. There is even a special section on Stains.

A great thing about this site is that it has a search engine so you don’t have to spend countless hours surfing to find the specific tip you need. So if you want to look up how to clean wine that spilled on a carpet you would supply the search engine with wine and carpet and hit go and it would show “Wine from Carpet”.

There’s a glossary that defines cleaning terms, and you can even submit your own cleaning tips. You can also search for a professional cleaner in your state from the “Find a Pro” section. There are dozens of cleaning articles for you to go through, I’d check out the Spring Cleaning section where you’ll find over thirty entries for some super spiffy spring cleaning ideas.

You can also check out their product review section. It’s tiny as of yet, but they are looking for more products to test out, maybe you could suggest some.

This site’s a keeper.

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