Brain Pop

BrainPOP is one of the neatest educational sites I have run across yet. With broad spanning subjects and animation to make learning easier, this is a site you are going to want to put in your favorites to help your kid (or college student out.)

The sections of this site are: Health, Science, Technology, Math, English, and Social Studies. With plenty of witty animations and movies to help move the subjects along. You can also look at information for Teachers, Parents, and of course Kids.

Let’s tour the Health Section together. Click on “Health”. The page then loads with tons of icons representing all the different topics in the section. If you’ve already browsed two subjects—you need to register (it’s free). Now you’ll see that you can get movies on the subject, or that you can view a comic strip. You can even do experiments with the Ex-Lab Rat who has interesting experiments to go along with the subject although they may not seem to when you start reading them, but the technical explanation ties it all together. The experiments would help a child who was stuck on grasping a concept a lot.

Well, enjoy BrainPOP! I hope you think it’s a keeper too!