The Golden Raspberry Award

The Golden Raspberry Award

The Golden Raspberry Awards, or the “Razzies”, are awards given for Worst Picture, Actor, and Actress each year. Don’t worry, there is an archive so you can find out who won the Razzie in the past.

Worst Picture:
2002 – Swept away
2000 – Battlefield Earth.
1998 – An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn!

Worst Actor
2001 – Tom Green
1999 – Adam Sandler
1997 – Kevin Costner

Worst Actress:
2002 – Madonna tied with Britney Spears
2001 – Mariah Carey
2000 – Madonna

You can view all the information you want, but must be a member to vote. (That costs money so just check out all the cool information on who won worst picture, actor, or actress.) After you’ve check out the archives, why don’t you hop over to the games and take the quiz and see how well you do on the Razzie quiz. Who got the most nominations for a Razzie? Those are the kind of questions you’ll answer. I did fairly well. 🙂

Now that you know who won the Oscars, take a break and check out who gets Razzies!

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