I have Waaaay too much clutter in my Start menu. Some of it includes extra files and stuff I don’t need there. How can I clean the mess?

Easy, just right-click the icons you no longer want and select Delete from the resulting menu.



Here’s the second way to skin the cat – Right-click the Start button, Explore .


Explorer will open with focus on your Start menu items. Just right-click any you would like to be rid of and select Delete .


Remember, when you delete these icons, you aren’t deleting the program, just the shortcut. If you want to remove the program, you’ll need to do that from the Control Panel Add/ Remove programs section.

Bonus Tip –

This is especially for users of Win 2000 & ME.

If you hit your Start button, Settings, Taskbar & Start menu, then the Advanced tab, you’ll find you have a nice little system for managing all your Start menu items built right in.


~ Steve