Download of the Week: Photo Sharing

There’s nothing like taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends, however, I never really found a great way to share them over the Internet. I could use email, but there always seems to be something to deal with—like spam filters stopping me from viewing images or sizes are so big that I can only send a few at a time. You can use instant messaging but that has issues as well—it can get pretty involved, frustrating, and time consuming than you would like.

All of this is why I’m glad to have found HELLO, a free program that allows you to share photos and send instant messages. Firewalls are not a problem for this peer-to-peer file sharing client software—you can send photos with out restrictions and awkward methods that can easily take the fun out of sharing photos online. Signing up is easy and takes only a few seconds: just create a name (Handle) for yourself and input a valid email address. Now keep in mind that whoever you share pictures with must also have the program installed and be signed in with Hello.

Your pictures stay on your PC, not on the other persons (unless they download), and they are not transferred to a server or kept in a database. You can send all the photos you want with the assurance that only the people that you want to can see them thanks to the 128-bit AES encryption (which also means it’s more secure than most email).


Hello has some good support to help you get started and answer any questions you might have. The program is completely free so download it and start sharing those pictures.
1. Go to Hello’s site and download the program.
2. Once you have the software downloaded and installed you have to create a name and password (Handle) for the Hello servers you also need a valid email address and presto. It’s that easy and remember that whoever you plan on sharing with must have the software and an account as well in order to find the.

* In addition to sending pictures you can chat instant message style so you can talk about the photos, How cool, anyway I hope you enjoy Hello leisure.

~ Chad Stelnicki