Digging for Worms

Like me, you probably get more infected emails than good ones. It seems like I’m getting more worms and viruses sent to me than s spam m (never thought I’d see that happen). In my case I get 400-800 infected emails everyday here at Worldstart H.Q. Fortunately I have anti-virus software that deletes the virus/worms but the emails remain with a little note telling me a virus was removed.

I don’t want to wade through all that sludge to get to my real email and UCE (pronounced “uckie”—you know, l spam). So, I came up with this little method for getting through it all in just a few minutes.

First, I change the order of the incoming messages by clicking the paperclip icon above my inbox. This puts all the emails with attachments first. Since infected emails all have attachments, I know that the rotten ones are in there.


Next, I skim through to make sure there are no legit attachments (in my case there rarely are). Then I highlight and delete all the messages with attachments.

With those out of the way I can resume reading my mail without worrying about the infected messages.

~ David