Are you a little tired of the boring, hum drum run of the mill emails you’ve been dealing with since you’ve been online? Did you ever use the stationery included with your email client and determined that it’s as exciting as talcum powder? Did you ever wish that there was a website with tons of different downloadable stationery and things to dress up your email? Wouldn’t it be nice to be sending out seasonal themed emails or adding some pizzazz to a best wishes email to a relative or close friend? I think having a colorful background makes your email look so much better and seems to catch the eye as the recipient wades through a pile of email.

Cloudeight stationery is a website that may surprise you. Download gigs of custom stationery, as well as wallpaper and some screen savers. The links touch on almost every imaginable theme including animals, fantasy, holidays, and Americana. The site is easy to use and is almost like a portal, meaning it’s a website that links sites based on certain criteria, in this case, free stationery.


Many of these sites offer “Quick note” illustrations and Screen Savers for free as well. I did, however, notice that a lot of them want you to register at their site for those downloads. All the stationery runs on Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Vista / Windows Mail and IncrediMail.

The instructions are very easy to follow and the site even has tutorials showing you step by step how to add new stationery to your system. Some of the stationery even has music and scrolls as you view it. If you’ve never used custom stationery before it’s pretty cool and simple to use. You’ll find a background for every occasion.

Head on over to Cloudeight.