Weekly Download: Netomat

The download for this week is a unique title that really does its own thing. It’s similar to a small website, but with a very simple interface and editing tools. The program allows you to import pictures, text, sounds, links, slide shows, even make a recording of your own voice to put onto the page, and basically post it on the web.

The features don’t end there Netomat also allows you to send invitations to friends via email including the link out to your page. Once there your guests can chat with you in a traditional messenger fashion, but also allows them to view and edit the page on their own PC, adding notes, pictures or whatever to the page.

Best of all, you don’t need all of your friends and family to download the client software in order for them to view or edit the pages since it works with any Internet browser.You only need the actual program to create the page. All changes are saved in a history list so at any time you can revert to a previous page or jump up to the most current entries.

One can also transfer large files through Netomat—up to 500mb—which is a really good size to be able to move across the Internet. You can integrate this with something like a messenger service (Yahoo, or ICQ ), hook up a web cam and have a complete interactive multi media experience anywhere in the world. If you have someone distant that you would like to have a little more interaction with, or would like to post your pages out at Netomat for just anybody to view like a small website, then you’ll do yourself good by trying this little number out.

After all, isn’t just chatting online so 1990’s—why not have the whole multimedia enchilada.

To Download Netomat, go here…

~ Chad

**One thing you are going to need for the program to work is the java applet, which you might need to download for free at the Sun Java website.