Download: Password Unmasker

Weekly Download: Password Unmasker

How often have you forgotten your passwords, thanks to the option to save passwords in windows this isn’t so such of a problem. Except for the fact that after using the password that pops up when you type in your username for a while you might forget it. The password that does pop up when you type your username is all doted out and if you have forgotten what the password is this isn’t going to help. This can be bothersome if you lose your saved passwords and have to rely on your memory of a password you haven’t typed in 6 months to a year.

Today’s’ download might help refresh your memory on some of those passwords that appear automatically, but you couldn’t remember them to save your life. Password Unmasker removes all of those asterisks hiding your passwords and allows you to view in them plain text, so you can tell exactly what that password is. Once this is done you can record the passwords somewhere safe (like a password protected and encrypted file or floppy or printout kept in a safe and secure location) in case you lose your saved passwords.

Download it here…

~ Chad

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