How do I get rid of MSN Messenger in Windows XP?

Microsoft decided to make MSN Messenger a built-in default feature in XP. A nice gesture, but for some, yet another useless feature that gets in your face.

Well, if you just remove it from your system you might run into trouble. This is part of Microsoft’s “make it an ‘integrated’ part of Windows to get around the legal stuff” tactic. So just do the next best thing—disable it.

Here’s what you do…

Open the Windows Messenger and go to Tools>Options and select the ” Preferences ” tab.


Un-check the boxes marked “Run this program when Windows starts” and “Run this program in the background“. Click OK , then close the program.

That should do it. No more annoying MSN Messenger coming up when you turn on your computer or try to surf the web! Also, if you ever do decide to do some IMing, you still have the program on your system.