Download: Personalize Your Icons @ Leo's

Weekly Download: Personalize Your Icons @ Leo’s

The Windows Icon selection leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention it seems like most of them are very similar to other icon choices you have. You can make Icons but you usually need some third party program and unless you know what you’re doing it’s going to look like a bunch of little Picasso’s, or digital amoebas all over your desktop. Besides, who wants to spend their time making Icons (unless you’re into that), not me, I don’t have enough time to do the things I really want to do. So, after years of all my personalize folders either looking like a tree, star, or some techie who-knows-what, I decided to look up some alternatives.

Well, I found a site you’re going to love. You can go out to Leo’s icons and search through a library of literally thousands of icons. There are all types of categories completely free—find the group, or individual icons you want, download, unzip, and use, “it’s that easy”. I have seen free icons before, and there was a reason they were free—they were either too small, or dark, or simply low quality.

The selection is really exquisitely made—you’ll have people asking where they can get them, not what is that? I was impressed. I found so many icons out at Leo’s that it was hard for me to find time to write this article. Go out and at least take a look—you’ll go crazy I guarantee there’s something out there for everyone. The download selection pages have complete instructions on how to use the icons, even how to use them instead of the “My Computer” or “My Documents” folders.

If you don’t catch the install “Read Me” at the site (it’s at the bottom of the individual download pages) you can always read the How-To Change Icons Q&A at the beginning of this Newsletter. Hope you enjoy the fresh look to your desktop, I know I do.

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