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Weekly Download: Bugnosis

If you remember I talked about Web Bugs n yesterday’s security tip. To get everyone up-to-speed, web bugs are small gifs (usually) that are hidden in certain websites (in banners and other graphics) or HTML emails. Like cookies, web bugs are placed in your browser and track you, but web bugs also share your information with other web bugs you may run across while surfing the web. They can use this information to possibly send you spam, or worse depending on the bug you’ve run across. You can take measures to protect yourself from these web bugs by getting some ad blocking software and creating tougher settings in your Internet browser (such as prompt for internet cookies). Also, when you get done with your Internet session you should clean out your temp Internet files, and cookies.

Well, to continue this week’s theme of web bugs I have gone out and found a program that will search for bugs as you surf the web. Bugnosis will tell you when a website has an imbedded web bug, and will even show you where it is on the site with a “cute” little bug graphic. In addition to this Bugnosis will bring up a detail pain at the bottom of your browser when it detects a suspicious graphic. This “output” pain (or window) has a few categories of information on the suspicious graphic, that may give you information to help determine how dangerous or not this graphic may be. The first of the three categories of this output pain is the “Evidence” area, which tells you if the site is just suspicious or more than likely a web bug along with evidence to support this determination. The “Policy” field is next—here you can click on the icon of a magnifying glass, and link out to the privacy statement of whoever is responsible for the bug. The last field in the output pane is the “Embedded URL”—here Bugnosis gives you the actual URL of the embedded graphic.

Bugnosis doesn’t have the ability to stop web bugs—you need ad stopping software for that or stringent browser settings may do the trick. What the program does do is alarm you of a web bug presence and a “Heads-up” to definitely clean out your browser temp files. You will be surprised at the websites that come up with a lot of web bugs—I was.

Bugnosis has a really great website with outstanding information on its product, including information on what web bugs do. In the “help” file on the program you can link out to sites that are known to have bugs, so you can see Bugnosis in action. They even have a tech support email although they say there’s no guarantee there will be an answer. Go out and give it a try, it’s effortless to download and install, and you’ll like watching it spring into action. Oh and sorry, this only works on Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.

Download it here…

~ Chad

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