Download: StartupMonitor

Download of the Week: Startup Monitor

Don’t you just hate when programs find their way into your Taskbar and you have no idea how they got there. I use my msconfig command every so often and under the startup tab I’m always surprised to see a couple of entries in here that I didn’t know about . How did they get there? I watch my startup programs like a hawk—was I careless? I usually catch these programs that want to run at startup but no matter how diligent I am a few always get through. These startup programs can cause system slowdown and really affect your boot up time. It’s not extremely hard to remove them, but it’s just one more thing to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a program that would prompt you when a program is trying to install into your startup list? Well, in case you haven’t guessed what this week’s download is, it’s a startup monitor with a clever name—Startup Monitor.

Startup Monitor is a program that runs transparently in the background and is activated when a program tries to place an entry in the startup directory. If the Startup Monitor detects a program doing this it will pop-up a simple window prompting you to allow or deny, like a personal firewall does with Internet access. After you dictate the appropriate action to take, the pop-up goes away and it’s business as usual until another program tries to install to the startup directory.


That’s it—no other interaction is necessary, and no extensive settings.

The program sets up quickly and easily with forums and a complete product description at their website. Once you see the Startup Monitor in action you’ll be surprised at the amount of programs that want to run at startup. I hope you enjoy and get some use out of this week’s download.

Download it here…

~ Chad

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