Download of the Week: Phoenix Converter

This weeks’ download comes from Dante products, and is called the Phoenix converter. It’s a conversion program that can take one unit of measurement and convert it into another. For instance, if you want to know how many Kilometers are in 350 miles, choose the type of measurement you’re looking for, plug in the value, click “calculate” and presto change-o, your conversion is done.

You can create your own conversions and even conversions that include formulae (I wish I had this in school). The program touches on almost every unit and type of measurement imaginable and has a simple to use interface. The program doesn’t convert money, I imagine it’s because money is constantly changing, and I wouldn’t worry about that since there are plenty of places online to get money conversions .

The 1.97MB file downloads in seconds and installs just about as fast. The interface is easy to use and it even has a “Contact” option in the “Help” file. Phoenix converter is a nice resource to have handy, and if you know any kids in High school or College they might find this useful, not only the normal conversions, but also the fact you can put long equations in for conversion.

Get it here…

~ Chad