If you would like to see more web page and less web browser toolbars, here’s a little trick you’ll like. Hit the F11 key. It will put you into “full screen” mode. Hit F11 again to go back to normal mode. This works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

OK, many of you are sitting there thinking, yeah, I know all about that one. Well, here’s a bonus!

One complaint people tend to have with full screen mode is that you don’t have stuff like your address or menu bar. Well, with Internet Explorer, you can actually have your digital cake and eat it too!

Just right-click a blank area of the toolbar. A menu will pop up that lets you add your address bar, menu bar, and any other Explorer bars you feel the need to have.


Since it’s in full screen mode, you won’t be able to squeeze too many of these extra little bars in, but at least you can get the essentials.