Nslookup – what those numbers mean

My firewall keeps telling me that someone is trying to get into my computer, but all it shows are a bunch of numbers. Is there a way to find out who this is?

This digital trick is actually pretty easy to pull off:

For Windows Xp users:

1. Hit the Start Button / Run . Type ” Command ” in the Run line and hit Enter.


2. You should be looking at a DOS screen. Type the following:


Then hit Enter .
It should tell you that is the IP for worldstart.com (note that it may spit out your ISP’s info first).


Now let’s do it backwards! (And you didn’t think this could get more exciting!)

Type in:

nslookup http://www.worldstart.com

Then hit Enter.

It should give you the number (again, it may spit out your current ISP’s info first). This is really handy for those who own web sites and have forgotten what their IP address is.


If you’re using Windows Vista or 7 type “Command” in the Search Box (located above the Start button). Your command window should appear and you can follow the same steps as above.


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