Get Your Money's Worth

Get Your Money’s Worth

We often mention various Windows tools only get emails from readers who say those tools are missing. Many times this happens because the feature is not installed (for instance Task Manager in XP—see 8/4/04 ). Especially if your system came with the OS already on it, you might not have all the tools and toys available.

What to do?

Go to Control Panel , Add/Remove Programs and click “Windows Setup” or “Add/Remove Windows Components”. Clicking on an item will give you a description and tell you how much space is required.


If the “Details” button is not gray, then you have more sub-components to choose from. Check off the items you want installed and click OK . Have your Windows CD handy since you’ll probably need it.

While there, you may also see items you don’t need that are checked (Faxing, games, networking). Uncheck these if you want to free up some space.

~ David

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