Streaky Printing

When my printer prints, I get black streaks across the words. What’s causing this?

Sounds like your printer’s ink jet heads need cleaning. Now the procedure for this varies from printer to printer. Some printers (HP) have the ink jet nozzles built into the ink cartridge. Remove the cartridges and wipe their little bottoms with a soft, lint-free cloth. Make sure you clean both the color and black cartridges – sometimes a black streak can be caused by something sitting on a color cartridge.

If you can’t remove the ink jet nozzle / head, you’ll need to try to wipe them off using a lint free cloth. Getting to them can be difficult, so if they are unreachable or you’re not comfortable messing around with your printer you may want to take to a repair shop for cleaning.

Finally, check with your printer manufacturer and see if they offer some kind of a cleaning kit. HP had one that came free with an ink cartridge, so I know they’re out there. In addition, your printer help file may give some advice for recommended cleaning procedures.

~ Steve

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