Insects on the Web

Insects on the Web

At BugBios you’ll get “shameless promotion of insect appreciation.” I know we’ve visited other insect-a-sites on the web, but this one is fabulous. With tons of information to learn presented in gorgeous website design—you’ll love learning about these bugs. Here are the sections broken down for you.

Entophiles: “Stunning insect macrophotography combined with informative descriptions.” Beautiful and I mean really beautiful photos. Check out the butterflies (especially the Satyr Butterfly), Walking Sticks, Dragonflies, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Cedigest: “Insects play a major role in almost every aspect of human culture.” How insects effect our culture and culture around the world. This section was the most fascinating as the site points out how often we actually think of bugs because they are a part of our culture and without even realizing we do it. Example:

“The Egyptian’s deified the scarab beetle and the ancient Greek cult of Artemis worshipped the bee. As you work like an industrious ant, your mind might think of love as you watch a butterfly drift by.”

Entolinks: “Categorized and reviewed links to other insect-related web sites and resources.”

A very well done site. That you’ll enjoy even if you don’t like bugs.

Buzz on over.

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